Microblading class

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4-day Private Microblading Training (Beginner) 3500$

(500$ non refundable deposit)

Training times: 10:00am — 6:00 pm

This training is great for students that have no prior experience to permanent make up or students that have previous experience but would like an in-depth refresher. This training is broken into four days:
Day one:
• Basic fundamentals of microblading will be lectured at the beginning of the course: health clearance, pmu requirements, disqualifications for pmu, sanitation, skin theory, color theory, color corrections, brow theory (shaping & mapping).

Day two:
•Students will be practicing on synthetic skin to find the appropriate microblading pattern for the students preference, proper hand position, finding the correct pressure to create microblading brows and body position.

Day three:
• Live model demonstration done by me and for the second half of day Live model for student training.

Day four:
•Live model for student training.

Students will receive certificate and a full kit which includes all necessary tools to create microblading brows.

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